The Chamber

Northwest Leather Celebration is proud to present the return of The Chamber, your special space set aside from the bustling activity of the weekend. The Chamber offers the opportunity for quiet contemplation/meditation and for personal/relationship rituals and ceremonies. The space will be open throughout the weekend during the hours posted in the event schedule.

Unique Features of the Chamber

The Leather Heart Labyrinth

One of the main features of The Chamber is the Leather Heart Labyrinth -- truly the heart of The Chamber -- which will be available as a walking meditation. The Chamber will also be available for public and private rituals, such as collaring ceremonies, or awarding of earned leathers. The walking of a labyrinth has been a mystical tradition for spiritual growth and meditation dating back to ancient times, cross-culturally all over the world. It symbolizes pilgrimages, centering, and harmony in the life journey. The energy of the labyrinth brings harmony and balance. Unlike mazes, which are designed with branching paths, and often intended to confound and confuse, labyrinths have a single path, providing an unambiguous route to the center and back, and are not designed to be difficult to navigate.
As you walk the labyrinth, we encourage you to consider your own leather journey, and how it influences your life. Think also about those others who walk the path with you -- or who have gone before you -- or will follow after.

Stone Cairn

We use stones to mark significant places, to create monuments, and to give guidance to those who follow us on our paths. The Chamber will provide an opportunity for you to create your own stone -- of remembrance, of meditation, or to mark a special intention. You are then encouraged to carry the stone with you on your labyrinth journey and add it to the cairn of stones created with the intentions of others in the center.


Another feature of The Chamber will be an altar dedicated to those people who have helped us in our leather journey, and honoring the loved ones in our lives, both living and dead. We encourage you to bring some symbol of the important relationships in your leather journey to add to the altar.

Ordained Officiate

In keeping with the NWLC focus on relationships, an ordained officiate will be available by prior arrangement for attendees who wish to celebrate marriage, re-commitment, or collaring ceremonies at NWLC. For more information or to request this service, please email us at