Northwest Master slave Contestants

Marilyn and Rio

Marilyn and RioMarilyn is a fierce femme top, in the leather community since 1986. She won the 2016 Jim Remer Award from the SF Bay Area Leather Alliance for community volunteer work. Rio is a butch leatherdyke, in the community since 2006. She was Ms. SF Sober Leather 2016, and the female Leather Marshall at the 2015 SF Pride Parade. After being play partners in an D/s dynamic for years, their relationship underwent a transformative change after their first trip together, and their M/s journey began. Marilyn was a charter member of the Exiles, where she and Rio have served as officers for many years. They are also active in MAsT SF. Separately and together they have presented at many venues, including Black Rose, SWLC, IMsL, LLC, NWLC, and TGIF. Marilyn is a Trustee at her synagogue and has two children. Rio is a published author and award-winning painter.

Boromoy and amari

Boromoy and amariMaster Boromoy has been in a Master/slave relationship with his slave amari for over a decade and enjoys the depth, power and emotional connection inherent in their M/s relationship. They co-host the Tri-cities D/s munch and are members of MAsT: Portland. With their commitment to strengthen the M/s community in the Pacific Northwest and beyond, Boromoy and his slave amari have presented workshops at a variety of lifestyle events in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho; bringing years of experience and diverse knowledge to the extended kink community. Master Boromoy and slave amari were honored to be the 2017 Washington State Master/slave. Boromoy founded and leads Columbia Basin Tops to support and educate Masters and Dominants. He also serves as the President of Leather Azimuth. amari founded and runs TASK which focuses on education for s-types. amari also serves as the secretary for Leather Azimuth. amari is a member of HardPink Sisterhood.

Northwest Bootblack Contestants

Moxie Minion

Moxie Minion Mox is pony's minion Greg's Girl and an overall pain in the ass. She loves hard and works harder. She's been bootblacking since 2009 and has been honored to work the stands at Sin in the City, and Battle Born Leather Clubs Gear Nights. Mox is active in her local community through her service as the secretary for Battle Born Leather Club, as the marketing director for Revelry, and as Assistant Producer for Femme Boot Pride- an annual event dedicated to femme identified bootblacks. With a personality bigger than her smile, Mox shares her love of all things boots with anyone who will listen. Her favorite pair is her Hello Kitty boots with the pink leather bows, but she's a sucker for a cute person wearing wescos.