Ms. Kelly Chance and slave boiDi

Ms Kelly and boiDiMs. Kelly Chance and her slave boiDi met for the first time in 2004 at a Seattle Women of Leather meeting. At that time Ms. Kelly identified as a hetroflexible switch and slave to Master Duane. slave boiDi identified as leather dyke and service boi. Little did they know that their journeys would come together about 6 years later.

Ms. Kelly evolved in her sexuality and her mastery under the guidance and mentorship of Master Duane, while slave boiDi's journey was leading him to slavery. In 2010, Ms. Kelly bought a lap dance from boiDi at Bang for the Buck. When boiDI found out who had purchased him, hy exclaimed, "I thought she was straight."

This lap dance brought two people from divergent worlds into an amazing Master/slave relationship. slave boiDi became part of Master Duane's and Ms. Kelly's leather family, along with Ms. Kelly's property tiger, and Master Duane's slave, Kari. When slave boiDi petitioned Ms. Kelly to become her slave 1 year into their relationship, their dynamic was M/s built on trust, vulnerability, intimacy, and erotic connection through BDSM. Ms. Kelly and slave boiDi have continued to grow their M/s dynamic on these founding principles allowing their connection to deepen over the years.

Both Ms. Kelly and her slave boiDi have served their community for many years. They have assumed leadership roles such as members of community boards, club Presidents, organizing parties, conferences and clubs in the Seattle area, and opening their homes for power exchange discussion groups. After co-founding Leather Reign 10 years ago, Ms. Kelly was executive producer for 4 years and slave boiDi, served as her left hand boi. They have independently taught workshops in Northwestern United States and Western Canada. In 2015 Ms. Kelly and slave boiDi began teaching workshops on how they build trust and intimacy through vulnerability in their M/s dynamic. They plan on continuing this path, sharing their dedication to the power of vulnerability, building their connections between each other, their family, and with those they meet. [Photo by Abacus].

Master Karl and betakarentene

master karl and betakarenteneMaster Karl and betakarentene are charter members in good standing of MAsT: Stockton and the California Central Valley Leather Alliance. Master Karl is also the Assistant Director of MAsT: Stockton. They are active in communities from Modesto and Tracy to Galt and Sacramento.

Master Karl was raised by his father, a WWII veteran, who engraved the values of honor, loyalty, respect and trustworthiness into him. One of Master Karl's proudest moments came when he not only earned his Eagle Scout Pin, but having his father pin the one that he had earned in 1937 upon Master Karl.

Master Karl was groomed into and found great comfort in the leather community long before he ever knew what it was. Not only living by a honor code, but thriving on the camaraderie and loyalty of having a group of males there for you. He just found it normal to always wear leather and keep shoe polish with you for your boots. After all, your boots need to be kept black and shiny.

Betakarentene is a hard working, well rounded lady. She is a graduate of University of Pacific. She works full time and continues helping and educating others while still tending to Master Karl. Betakarentene was raised in a 50's style household, yet traveled throughout most of the Northwestern United States as she grew up and continues to do so in adulthood. She enjoys Master Karl's first rule: to take care of her. She also enjoys making Master happy.

Master Karl and betakarentene are running for the 2017 Northwest Leather Master slave and take great pride in being part of the leather community. They host classes and workshops in there own home monthly. They will go out of their way to help anybody in the lifestyle, answering questions or directing them to those who can.

Master Karl and betakarentene rarely can be seen apart. They enjoy dancing, museums and going to educational and cultural activities.