Northwest Master slave Contestants

Master Rick and his slave sunny

Master Rick and his slave sunnyMaster Rick and his slave sunny met at the Vacaville Munch around four years ago. After six months together a lock snapped shut, thus sealing T/them into T/their current Master/slave dynamic. Though contrasting in a multitude of ways, drawing upon those differences within each other helps creates the unique, adventurous, and diverse relationship T/they live. T/their special bond is upheld on a foundation of Structure, Protocol, Integrity, and Trust. T/they are both active members of T/their local community within the Northwest region and participate in various groups including MAsT Sacramento and the California Central Valley Leather Alliance. The pair also regularly attend classes hosted by the Queer Leather Association Sacramento chapter. T/they have been honored presenting what T/they have learned and the things that have helped T/them along the way.

Master Rook and slave rook

Master Rook and slave rookMaster Rook (they/them) and slave rook (he/they) are white genderqueer leather dykes who met in 2011 when they were both presenting at a kink conference. They fell in lust at first touch and have been theorizing on power dynamics together ever since. Both Master and slave constantly seek out mean, creative ways to deepen their dynamic, and consider M/s a spiritual journey to their most authentic selves. They love sharing what they've learned during their combined 42 years in the scene, have taught at over 50 M/s, leather, and lifestyle events, and co-founded the Academy of D/s Confidence at slave rook is the co-creator and illustrator of The GENDER Book and Kinkopoly; Master Rook has written thousands of dirty words for anthologies, columns, and their own site, They live in Oakland and cross the bridge monthly to attend the San Francisco MAsT chapter.

Northwest Bootblack Contestants


ZacZac is a poly, pan, trans masculine individual that has recently served in his community as Nevada Bootblack 2018. He always makes himself available to talk or listen to those that need it. Though introverted he has found a place in his life and is letting his extrovert out for fun. Having been in the community for over 15 years and in recovery for 16 years- through leather he has found a peace in both communities. With in the community he has taught classes, reached out to help make spaces more inclusive, and worked to put spot lights on his femme fatal counter parts on the stands. He enjoys being at the ocean, finding his peace in leather, meditating, traveling, and spending time with his family. His door is always open so feel free to ask him anything.


KellyKelly has been active in the boot scene for 8 years as intowhat64. She took her first class from Charming Chelle in 2010 and fell in love with boot blacking. She has been carefully honing her skills for the last several years and was honored to volunteer at Northwest Leather in 2018. Kelly taught her first boot black class last year for QLAS; however, she has extensive experience teaching other subjects. She is actively growing the Sacramento Area Boot Lab and Cigar Social. Kelly has gained confidence in her abilities working with customers in stands at Folsom Street: Venus Playground (2014), Northwest Leather (2017, 2018), Folsom Street Fair (2018), Bolt Bar after the Ms. Sacramento Leather contest, and finally, at Revelry in Reno (11/2018). Some people in the community remember Kelly participating in the Iron Dom contest at Valley Heat in 2006, and witnessing her sense of humor and spontaneity.

Northwest Person of Leather Contestants

Bri Burning

Bri BurningBri Burning is a femme, queer, leather, slave, and baby girl identified person. She has been active in the San Francisco/Bay Area BDSM community since 2010, where her journey started at SF Citadel as a service submissive to the club. Her passion for her community grew with hosting events and bringing people together. In 2015, she started teaching on BDSM, relationships, and communication, discovering just how passionate she is about education. She has taught at NWLC, Sin in the City, Dark Odyssey Surrender, Revelry, IMsLBB, and many other conferences throughout the Northwest. She is the moderator of SF Submissive Safe Space and a leader of Submissive Girl's Night Out. Her passion in kink education continuously grows in topics such as self-care, power exchange, age play, and service—which she spreads like glitter! Watch for Bri as she heads out on the town for a fun night with her stuffie Trix!


GaugeWhatever peculiar predilections we may bring with us into the leather community, our early experiences in youth refine our later trajectories as perverts. I arrived to the leather community at the ripe age of 16, already aware I was an extreme sadist. Elders and mentors helped me mold a fairly precocious masochist yearning to meet the world. Now, Jump forward 36 years. Having had a multitude of experiences; some good some bad, and more personal iterations than I can explain. I stand before you tempered and richer for having been through it all. As unpopular as it may be, I identify as a TRANNY. I am a proud switch. I am a Daddy and Sir. I feed on playing at the edge. I am an exploiter of deep fears and desires. Most of all, I am fiercely loyal to my chosen Family and the people I love. I am Gauge!

Steward Dorian

Steward DorianSteward Dorian is the Leather Privateer! They have been in the Kink/Leather community for about 6 years. After returning from their 2nd Combat Tour, where their life fell apart, they sought out the Kink/Leather community and found the Renaissance/Pirate community. They found solace, healing, self-exploration, growth, and COMMUNITY! They have been a Nationally Registered EMT for over 13 years, served nearly 11 years in the U.S. Army as a Combat Medic, and works Wildland Fires. Steward Dorian is a motivation and life skills presenter, as well as a sex positive and kink educator. They travel across the country teaching, utilizing the opportunity to explore many kink/Leather communities. With their interest in kink and pirate events, they begun leather crafting; making half of their attire and several toys. They enjoy the cerebral aspects to kink and have a unique style. Sharing knowledge and creativity is their driving force and joy.

Master Karl

Master KarlMaster Karl: Born/raised in Yosemite, attended CSU Fresno, former firefighter and Captain. Master Karl was raised by his father, a WWII veteran, who instilled in him the values of honor, loyalty, respect, trustworthiness, willingness to help people in need regardless of color or sexual orientation. When he received his Eagle Scout badge, Master Karl was proud to have his father pin his own 1937 Eagle Scout badge upon his chest. Master Karl is a charter member and current Director of MAsT: Stockton. He is also a member in good standing of the California Central Valley Leather Alliance and is active in the lifestyle holding instructional discussions 2-3 times a month within a 90 mile radius. Master Karl was groomed into the Leather community long before he ever knew what that meant. He finds fulfillment in the community by living its honor code and thriving on its camaraderie and loyalty.