There will be plenty of hot, sexy and classy entertainment at NWLC 2017!

We have some incredible entertainment for the Friday night Formal Leather Dinner and Opening Ceremonies as well as the Saturday night Northwest Master slave Contest. This diverse and exciting group of performers will bring imagination, glamor, dazzling dance, and incredible musical talent to the NWLC stage. This is a group of dedicated members of our community who love to please and entertain us and will be showcasing their talents during both shows.

Kippy Marks

kippy marksUpon relocating to San Francisco from San Diego in 2009, Kippy Marks has thrust himself devotedly into the service of his beloved community. An entertainment industry business owner who practices music philanthropy, Kippy uses his gift of music to inspire and educate others within his immediate community and worldwide. With 10 cd's released, Kippy's intentions of leaving his LoveMarks is realized. Kippy served as Mr. Friendly 2016, completed at IML #38, and as a regular performer at the World famous Ghirardelli Square, he shares his music to an international audience. For more information and videos please visit : www.kippymarks.com

Tina and Conspiracy Cat

conspiracy cattinaTina has been in the leather community in one form or another for 17 years and was International Slave 2008. The pendulum has swung the other way and she is embracing yet another facet of herself - enjoying the dirty primal switch she has always been. She is a burlesque, blues fusion and belly dancer and supports self-expression through movement on the stage, the dance floor and in the dungeon. Conspiracy Cat joins Tina in this performance and adds her 10 years performance experience, including dance styles of jazz, salsa, bachata, contemporary, burlesque, and fusion.

The Sacramento Gay Men's Chorus

sac gay men chorus

The Sacramento Gay Men's Chorus was founded in 1984 as a singing group that aimed to foster a sense of community and provide support for gays and lesbians in the Sacramento area. Over the past 30 years, through musical performance and outreach programs, the chorus has grown to become an integral part of the Sacramento music community, as well as a voice for the gay and lesbian community in the greater Sacramento area. The Sacramento Gay Men's Chorus creates entertaining music that inspires its members and audience by instilling pride in our diversity and common humanity. Sacramento Gay Men's Chorus will build a community where no one will be afraid to sing one's own song.