Frequently Asked Questions

What is Northwest Leather Celebration (NWLC)?

NWLC is a weekend event for the Leather, Kink, Fetish and M/s, D/s communities. 

What is M/s and D/s?

M/s stands for Master and slave.  D/s stands for Dominance and submission. These are terms that are used when people have a consensual relationship that exchanges authority.

But I am Brand New…

That is OKAY!  NWLC is the perfect event for newcomers to the community.  We will have varied classes on basic and advanced levels, and many friendly people who will talk to you.  Get involved!  Volunteer, go to classes, attend the Intro to NWLC Class, and meet new people at the meals and parties.  Before long, you won’t be a beginner anymore!

What Goes on at NWLC?

A lot of fun. NWLC is filled with great friendly people who attend our contests, hospitality parties, and classes. Folks also enjoy great meals together as part of the weekend and socialize in several spaces like our downstairs lobby and outside patio. NWLC is a great place to connect with old friends as well as meet new people.

What is a Hospitality Party?

A Hospitality Party is just that – a party!  Various groups and organizations host an informal social gathering most often with snacks and beverages.  They are held in the amazing Presidential Suite all weekend long and everyone with a weekend package registration is welcome.

What Contest is Happening?

NWLC is the home of the Northwest Master slave Contest and the Northwest Bootblack Contest. Please check out the CONTESTS button on the main menu for all the details.

What is Taught in the Classes?  Do I need a Ticket or Experience to Attend Classes?

Instructors from all over the country present classes on various topics.  There are three educational tracks: Relationships, BDSM, and Community Development.  There will be classes for all levels of experience throughout the weekend.  You don’t need to sign up and you don’t need a ticket beyond your weekend event registration.  You are welcome regardless of your level of experience.

What are the Meals?

There are three meals during the weekend event: Friday evening dinner, Saturday Lunch, and Sunday Brunch.

Friday evening is our new Formal Leather Dinner and Opening Ceremonies. We will have an amazing served 4 course meal at which people will arrive in their best dress. You are likely to see leather, corsets, uniforms and fetish formal wear. It is not required to dress in any certain way however. You will also see some people in jeans and boots. Following the meal, the Opening Ceremonies for the event will begin, which will include the beginning of the Northwest Master slave and Northwest Bootblack Contests, fabulous hot and sexy entertainment, and a few words from the NWLC Producers.

Saturday afternoon is the Step-down Luncheon. This is also a sit-down served meal where our out-going Northwest Titleholders give their step-down speeches. Their speech typically talks about their adventure as titleholders as they traveled to represent the region.

Sunday morning's Keynote Brunch is a buffet style meal with all the brunch basics and lots of coffee. During the meal, a leader from the Leather Community will give an inspirational speech which is always greatly anticipated. Following the keynote is the famous NWLC Speed Round Live Auction. This is a very exciting auction for baskets of very valuable prizes.

Do I have to Dress a Certain Way?

No!  The only rule is that you must dress in a manner that is considered “street legal” in all parts of the hotel.  You will see folks wearing jeans, boots and leather vests during the day and more leather at night.  Leather or fetish wear is welcome but not required. 

Do you Have a Question that was Not Answered Here?

Send it to us and we will not only reply to you, we will add it here as well!