NWLC 2016 Event Cancellation

Family and Friends of Northwest Leather Celebration,


It is with deep, sincere regret that I am announcing that there will not be any Northwest Leather Celebration in 2016, and no Northwest Master & slave contest for this year.

I know many of you have patiently waited, and wondered, and many of you have reached out privately and asked.   Thank you for that support, patience, and understanding.   Previously, I had shared that we had chosen not to renew our arrangement with the previous event hotel due to a sharp increase in proposed cost, and had given a couple of updates as to progress in finding a new venue.   While all of that was true, it did not provide a full picture that has not been mine to tell. 

Recently, Richard, the current president of smOdyssey, shared some news and details regarding the organization with the members and close supporters of the club.   While that is still not mine to share, The summary version is that over the last few years smOdyssey had suffered some decline, and the past year-plus has left the club at a critical juncture.   Richard and the Board are working to share all those details with the membership, and resolve the current circumstances and leave the organization healthy and viable, if they at all can. 

As far as NWLC, the hotel would have been the first of many challenges to overcome in producing the sort of event all of you have come to expect from us.   It’s not fair or appropriate to go into all of them here, but in the end my conclusion, with the support of my assistant producers, was that there was too much instability and uncertainty to deliver the event we wanted it to be.

Many have asked (and some may yet) why we did not scale NWLC back to a smaller event, or even a single-afternoon bar event.   Also, I am sure some wonder why we do not “just” have a title contest for the Northwest Master and slave.   Simply put, the reasons above are the answer.   NWLC was originally created for the primary purpose of giving a home to the NWM/s and all our diverse tribes, and has grown into quite an amazing entity of its own.   I still believe that to hold true, and believe that the NWLC event weekend is only the first three days of a commitment we make to titleholders for a full year- emotionally, financially, physically and in any other way they need us.   Without being certain we could commit to titleholders without hesitation or exception, I felt the only reasonable choice left was to elect to forego a contest and event this year, resolve the current concerns and logistics, and ensure we deliver an event and a contest we will all be proud and happy to be a part of.

smOdyssey will be working on making some plans and decisions over the next few weeks.   I will continue to work with them and the membership of the club as that occurs, and I will continue to lay groundwork for 2017 with the optimism we will shortly be moving forward full steam.   I will also still keep in close touch with the International Master and slave  Contest owners and the regional producer family to make sure we can support the other regions and bring our highly successful region back to the contest in a year’s time.

I appreciate that many of you have held your breath- and in many cases, travel schedule- in the hopes NWLC would materialize this year.   Thank you, and, I am sorry to disappoint you.  However, 2017 will be the 10th anniversary of the first NWLC, and the 12th anniversary of the first Northwest Master and slave Contest- I hope to bring you good news soon and invite you back to our gathering of our tribes.


                                                                                                                                    Sincerely, in Leather, and with regret,


                                                                                                                                   Executive Producer, NWLC



Meet Our 2014 Northwest Master and slave!

Master John and slave ann of Seattle, Washington


Northwest Master & slave 2014

- May 17, 2014 -

Don't miss their titleholder step-down speeches at the Saturday luncheon at NWLC 2015.

Add your luncheon ticket to your NWLC registration package when you register for NWLC 2015.

Last year's step-down lunchon sold out and the 2015 luncheon is sure to sell out, too!  

Meal ticket holders enjoy early entry and reserved seating for the step-down speeches.


Northwest Leather Celebration will once again take place on the First weekend in May. 

Please join us!

  Northwest Leather Celebration is a gathering place for all the leather tribes!

   NWLC offers a full weekend of education, fellowship and fun.

Northwest Leather Celebration is proud to serve as the host event for the Northwest regional Master/slave contest!

In addition to the Northwest regional Master/slave contest, NWLC also offers workshops on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

Our educational focus is on building healthy relationships and communities.

Social opportunities abound at NWLC.

Check out our Fetlife Group and Fetlife Event Page: https://fetlife.com/events/254440

After Friday's workshops, enjoy an onsite Meet & Greet and the Exiles' famous "Champagne  & Chocolate" evening social. On Saturday and Sunday you can shop in our air-conditioned vendor fair, relax in our Bootblack Salon, attend more workshops and witness the NWM/s contestant interviews.Saturday evening be entertained at the NWM/s contest show, followed by the Society of Janus' "Port & Decadence" social. On Sunday join us for a keynote banquet, more workshops, more vending and the annual regional open MAsT meeting.


NWLC Features an Onsite Dungeon!

Not only can you find some really incredible toys at our onsite vendor fair, you can also "test drive" your new toys on both Friday and Saturday nights at the play parties of Northwest Leather Celebration. NWLC features an onsite dungeon -- conveniently located in the event host hotel.
NWLC play party tickets are a steal at just $15 each! Or you can double your fun and save a few bucks on both nights ($25).


Too much excitement? Wind down and re-focus as you walk the Leather Heart Labyrinth in The Chamber, a beloved special feature at NWLC. Also available for commitment ceremonies and re-commitment rituals, The Chamber is your peaceful retreat amid the stimulating activities of the busy weekend. If you are celebrating a special anniversary, consider a recommittment ceremony in "The Chamber" at NWLC. An ordained officiant will be available.
Sign up for NWLC as soon as online registration opens in November.
Why wait? You know it's gonna be great!

Everyone is welcome because NWLC is a gathering place for all the leather tribes; join us!


Meet Our 2013 Northwest Master and slave!

Master Brian and slave Mel of Bothell, Washington

Northwest Master & slave 2013

- May 18, 2013 -

(Photo by Deborah Isadora Wade of Leatherati.com) 

Don't miss their titleholder step-down speeches at the Saturday luncheon at NWLC 2014.

Add your luncheon ticket to your NWLC registration package when you register for NWLC 2014.

Last year's step-down lunchon sold out and the 2014 luncheon is sure to sell out, too!  

Meal ticket holders enjoy early entry and reserved seating for the step-down speeches.



View the 2013 NWLC Program Booklet (PDF/Electronic Copy)

Click Here to Download

Did you miss our 2013 event? Or did you lose your program booklet? Here's a second chance to take a look... (Download the 2013 NWLC program booklet in digital format above.)







~ The Chamber ~

 sponsored by EduKink    (www.edukink.org) 


Join us on Friday for the opening ritual of The Chamber, a brand new feature at Northwest Leather Celebration's Fifth Anniversary event!

NWLC and EduKink are proud to present The Chamber as your special space set aside from the bustling activity of the weekend. The Chamber offers the opportunity for quiet contemplation/meditation and for personal/relationship rituals and ceremonies.

After the opening ritual on Friday, the space will be open throughout the weekend during posted hours.


Unique Features of The Chamber:

The Leather Heart Labyrinth -


One of the main features of The Chamber is the Leather Heart Labyrinth -- truly the heart of The Chamber -- which will be available as a walking meditation.  The Chamber will also be available for public and private rituals, such as collaring ceremonies, or awarding of earned leathers.


The walking of a labyrinth has been a mystical tradition for spiritual growth and meditation dating back to ancient times, cross-culturally all over the world.  It symbolizes pilgrimages, centering, and harmony in the life journey. The energy of the labyrinth brings harmony and balance.


Unlike mazes, which are designed with branching paths, and often intended to confound and confuse, labyrinths have a single path, providing an unambiguous route to the center and back, and are not designed to be difficult to navigate.  


As you walk the labyrinth, we encourage you to consider your own leather journey, and how it influences your life.  Think also about those others who walk the path with you -- or who have gone before you -- or will follow after.



Stone Cairn - We use stones to mark significant places, to create monuments, and to give guidance to those who follow us on our paths. The Chamber will provide an opportunity for you to create your own stone -- of remembrance, of meditation, or to mark a special intention.  You are then encouraged to carry the stone with you on your labyrinth journey and add it to the cairn of stones created with the intentions of others in the center.


Altar - Another feature of The Chamber will be an altar dedicated to those people who have helped us in our leather journey, and honoring the loved ones in our lives, both living and dead.  We encourage you to bring some symbol of the important relationships in your leather journey to add to the altar.


Ordained Officiant - In keeping with the NWLC theme of "relationships", an ordained officiant will be available by prior arrangement for attendees who wish to celebrate marriage or re-commitment ceremonies at the conference. The officiant will also be available for collaring ceremonies.   For more information or to arrange for these services, please contact EduKink (edukink AT gmail DOT com) prior to the conference.



Who will be the next Northwest Master and slave?

Join us for the 2015 Northwest Master/slave contest!

Admission to all contest-related public activities is included in your basic weekend admission package.

The contest begins with a "Meet & Greet" on Friday evening, hosted by the San Francisco girls of Leather in the ballroom foyer area of the second floor conference wing. (See the weekend schedule for exact start/end times.)

On Saturday all registered attendees are invited to observe the contestant interviews and hear the questions posed by the contest judges as well as the answers given by the contestants. There will also be an opportunity for registered attendees witness the contestant presentations.

On Saturday evening don't miss the Northwest Master/slave contest show! In addition to the entertainment we have planned (courtesy of Ms CherriesJubalie, burlesque performer extraordinaire http://cherriesjubalie.com/home/), registered attendees of NWLC will have the opportunity to enjoy the NWM/s contestant speeches and pop-questions. Stick around until the end of the show and find out exactly who will be the next Northwest Master and slave!




Here are some photos from NWLC 2012, courtesy of Leland Carina:

http://lelandcarina .com/updates/ 2012/05/22/ nwlc-2012/

...plus some live blogging from the event...

Sir Daniel and slave Pink's step-down:
http://www.leathera ti.com/leatherat i_live/2012/ 05/northwest- leather-celebrat ion-step- down-luncheon. html

http://www.leathera ti.com/leatherat i_live/2012/ 05/northwest- leather-celebrat ion-contest. html

http://www.leathera ti.com/leatherat i_live/2012/ 05/northwest- leather-celebrat ion-pop-question s.html

http://www.leathera ti.com/leatherat i_live/2012/ 05/northwest- leather-celebrat ion-winners. html

web site: LelandCarina. com 

Featured Entertainment at the 2012 Saturday Evening Contest Show


~ The Rainbow Women's Chorus ~


The Rainbow Women's Chorus works together to develop musical excellence in an atmosphere of mutual support and respect. We perform publicly for the entertainment, education, and cultural enrichment of our audiences and community. We sing to enhance the esteem of all women, to celebrate diversity, to promote peace and freedom, and to touch people's hearts and lives.

Throughout the years, we have performed many concerts with various themes, always with a focus on musical excellence, entertainment, and education. Songs with a message of strength and equality and fighting injustice are joined by those with humor, fun, and celebration. RWC has also put an emphasis on outreach, singing all over the Bay Area, at venues such as San Jose City Hall, Santa Clara County offices, World Aids Day, San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose Opera (Lobby holiday performance) Genentech and Oracle Corporations' diversity celebrations, as well as in churches, at festivals, in celebrations, weddings and funerals.


Arrive early for the best seating or purchase a VIP "mountaineer" event package for prime reserved seating at the Saturday evening contest show.  VIP passes are limited/subject to availability.   Inquire at info@NorthwestLeatherCelebration.com and see our registration page: http//www.northwestleathercelebration.com/registration.


Shay and Figaro performing their perverted version of "Some Enchanted Evening"


About the Performers:

Shay has been playing harp as a hobby since middle school, professionally since high school, and topless since all you kinky people encouraged her to pervert this wholesome skill in 2007. She is a compulsive volunteer within the leather community, and feels that combining volunteering with partial nudity and being on stage is the ultimate three-for-one deal!


Figaro joined the chorus in High School because that's where all the hot girls were. Two decades later he actually makes a living singing, but in his heart of hearts he's still in it for the girls, not the money. He is delighted to have a chance to mix his passion for singing with his passion for smart sadistic naughtiness; don't tell SF Opera, Opera San Jose, Berkeley Opera, Sacramento Opera or West Bay Opera he was here though as they might not hire him again! *winks*




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Northwest Leather Celebration is proudly produced by the volunteers of smOdyssey, Inc., a 501c7 not-for-profit CA corporation.